Thursday, March 30, 2006

Today's Colors: GREEN and Pink

Sorry to go missing. I was under the weather Monday and Tuesday, and here's what I was doing yesterday:

Yarn is more variegated in person than picture indicates

Let's go back in time about one year. (Feel free to make that Wayne's World time traveling noise in your head while we do this.) Diane to Self: "I enjoy knitting. But I'm never going to knit socks - they seem kind of pointless." In an independent conversation, Diane to Self again: "Why would I ever want to dye yarn? I've dyed and painted lots of different fabrics, and printed them, and all kinds of stuff, but really, you can buy perfectly lovely yarn! I don't need to dye any."

Fast forward (again with that noise in your head if you want) to the last month. Diane to Self: "This sock knitting is kind of addictive. It's so portable. And you can just pick it up and work on a little at a time, and before you know it you have a sock! How cool." And, this week, in another conversation inside my head: "Why not just try that KoolAid dyeing thing with the Knitpicks color your own yarn. You know how to dye fabric. This can't be so hard."

And it wasn't hard - it was fun! I wasn't aiming for green, but a blue/green/yellow mix. I should have known better, from all that fabric dyeing experience, but used too much liquid anyway. I still love the results. I used Koolaid, Easter egg dyes, and some food coloring. I'm going to try it again in a few weeks and go for a more variegated effect. After that I'll post how I did it.

OK, on to PINK. I signed up for Project Spectrum. I fully intended to make something lovely that was pink or red this month. I did paint some pink and red fabric. I also worked on a pink sock. And the ladybug on maple bloom picture fit the theme. But no fabulous pink project was finished this month. Since the month is nearly up, I'll just have to settle for posting these pictures of our weeping cherry (and the tulip magnolia).

They were carefully sited so that we can see them from the dining room window.When I see their blooms I feel like all is right with the world, at least for a moment.


mary m. said...

beautiful green yarn! I can relate, too, Diane....I used to say I'd never dye fabric, and here I am gearing up for a session next week.

I also remember you talking about addy turbos. I just bought a couple of pairs today because I kept sitting on my sixes and sevens and they were getting splintered. I really like these turbos!

Your pink blooms are beautiful, too!

Lolly said...

Those flowering trees are just amazing! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures.

I love the green you got too in the dyeing process - very springy!