Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Good Quilting Week

I got into Artquilts - Images (yeah!). I also received very nice judge's comments from the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival folks. So I'm trying to convince myself that it's a very good quilting week. Except that I haven't managed to do any quilting!

It's been one of those weeks where you need to do advance planning - soccer signups, summer camp signups (it's unbelievable how far ahead you need to plan for those), dental appointments, circus tickets, yada yada. My husband was out of town for part of the week. So I'm trying to cut myself some slack.

Before diving back into a big quilt, I wanted to make something smallish this week. My screenprinting experiments today did not go as smoothly as planned. The leaves below were printed four (that's the number 4) times. Four colors of paint.

What's interesting to me about this is that I make lots of little experiments. Some of them go no where. Until today, I never considered screenprinting on the painted/Shiva paint sticked Lutradur above. But I like it. Even little steps can make a difference some where down the road.


Mary I. said...

It's so true about all the time to plan for kids. It took me hours to figure out when/which swimming lessons Paul should take and when/where we'll go to the beach this summer. So good to hear I'm just not slow! Great news about the Art Quilt/Images acceptance; you're on a roll!

mary m. said...

Diane, Congratulations! I did see a Diane on the list, but I don't know your last name, so didn't associate it with you. I am not surprised you got in...your work is gorgeous!