Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Now What?

During the Knitting Olympics I learned lots about knitting, and myself. Hard to imagine, but true. Emily made a great list of lessons she learned during the Olympics. I heartily agree with her lessons #1 & #2. Knitting is a source of relaxation for me, and I didn't enjoy pressuring myself to finish a major project in 16 days. Heck, I've done that enough times for quilting deadlines! But I'm proud of myself for finishing.

Last week I sneaked (snuck?) away from Olympic Knitting to take a sock class. I've never taken a knitting class before. I'm pretty good at learning things by reading, so much of what I've learned about quilting and knitting has been on my own. However, whenever I do take a class, I learn more than I expect to. Who'd a thunk it? Here's the beginning of my first sock.
I'm knitting it on a size 2, 12" Addi Turbo circular. I thought we'd be using DPNs. I'm such a nervous Nellie that using DPNs is not so enjoyable for me - I'm always concerned about dropping stitches. So this was a revelation. I'm further along than the photo above shows, I'm now about halfway to the heel. It's so portable - I love it!

Now I'm going to try and focus more on getting a large quilt top finished. If I can just put that sock down...

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mary m. said...

There is something so rewarding about making socks. I like your yarn.