Thursday, March 16, 2006

Playing Around

Another exciting few days here at Ooh!PC. After facing Strep Round Two: The Return of Strep (as of this moment only 40% of the household has it, we're expecting that to reach 60% by this evening) and the daunting task of filing all of last years' pretax spending account documentation, I needed a little R&R - how about gelatin plate printing?

Here are some of the results of my little playtime.

There's lots more, but that's a representative sample. I tried it several years ago and was unimpressed by my results. I was inspired to try it out again after seeing posts about it on Rayna's, Mary's, and Cathy's blogs. My response to this batch is that it was fun, but I'm unsure how I'll use these smallish (about 10"x13") pieces of fabric. I do think they would make great backgrounds for screenprinting, or fiber postcards, and maybe they'll shout out to me in the future how they'd like to be used.

There are lots more flowers in the yard today, but I'll grant everyone a reprieve and not post any pictures of those today.


Elle said...

Yikes! Hope everyone feels better soon!

Diane Doran said...

Everyone feels better, but we're now up to 80% - overachievers!