Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I've Got the Fever

I'm besotted. The weeping cherry, the tulip magnolia, the daffodils, the Yoshino Cherry, Grecian wind flowers, grape hyacinths and on and on. We have a little microclimate in our yard that's a few days behind everyone else in the neighborhood. The daffodils finally started blooming, and now we've got hundreds. Here are some closeups, (none of which are retouched) my first entry for April's Project Spectrum. April's colors are yellow and orange.

I've taken hundreds of pictures in the last three days. I look out the window, the light's changed, and out I have to go. I'm not sure that the casual observer can see the differences in some of the photos I've taken, but I can, and I'm hoping that down the road some of those pictures end up as quilts. Definitely a part of the creative process . This spring has yielded one of the best blooming seasons we've had in our yard.

I thought last weekend was my final sock class, but I was wrong - it was this weekend. So I now present my first sock, hanging with the cherry blossoms.
I tried to get a better picture of the sock with the weeping cherry, but the wind is blowing 18 mph, and the blossoms kept blowing out of the picure.Our Yoshino Cherry will probably peak tomorrow - again later than everyone else's.

Other than that, I'm scurrying around in preparation for a spring break trip to Fort Worth, Texas. Packing clothes for three growing boys during a change of season - that can require some creativity too, right?


Deb R said...

Beautiful photos, Diane!

Your season is a few days ahead of ours. My daffs have started to bloom but aren't quite in full glory like yours and our fruit trees have fat buds but no open flowers yet. soon...

Elle said...

Those flowers are so beautiful! That's when you know it's Spring!

mary m. said...

GREAT photos! Love the sock...and you just found it hanging in a tree!!!