Friday, April 21, 2006

Big Shows

From 1985 until 1994 I lived south of Houston, in the League City/Clear Lake area. Shortly after I started quilting, in 1987, someone told me there was a big quilt show in Houston every year and that I really should go. Well, I did go, and was so overwhelmed the very first day that I had to leave early and come back the next day! Of course, it was the Houston International Quilt Festival. At that point in my career I had very little vacation, and was living a half a continent away from my family, but every year I'd save one vacation day and go to the show on one week day and usually both days on the weekend.

But I never took a class there. When I think of it, I just can't believe it. Why didn't I ever take a class?

Now I'm back in my home state, and we have the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. Maryland is small enough that almost anyone in the state would call it an easy drive, so it would be nearly sinful for me to miss Maryland Sheep & Wool now that I'm also a knitter. I'm not saying it's the same as the Houston Quilt Show, but the knitters all seem pretty worked up about it.

We live close enough that neighbors ask "Are you bringing the boys to see the sheep dogs at Sheep and Wool?". We took them once, but they are only interested in seeing so many sheep. (At least one of my children used to call it the "Sheep and Wolf Festival" before he could speak very well.) As for me, I couldn't figure out what folks would do with all that fleece and yarn! Now I know, and I can't wait for the big day.

AND I'm taking a class! Big surprise - it's on dyeing wool.

Today's my birthday (yes, me and Queen Elizabeth), and the umbrella swift I received will be a big help after I dye a bunch of yarn with "real" acid dyes in the class.

(The MD Sheep & Wool buttons at left is from Knotty Mouse's April 06 entry. Thanks Knotty Mouse!)

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Karoda said...

Enjoy yourself at the show and Happy Snappy Birthday to YA!