Monday, April 17, 2006

Spring Break - Low Fiber Content

Not much fiber related activity in the last week other than a little sock knitting. Here's a mini travelogue of the trip.

First stop: Longwood Gardens, PA. Bottom line: if you've never been there, you should go.
The conservatory, gorgeous as always. I also took dozens of closeups of various flowers, from clematis to fuchsias to orchids to tulips, but I'll spare you.

It was raining and quite chilly, so we didn't see the outside gardens. Boys were able to have fun anyway.
A professional photographer was sitting next to me when I was taking these pictures. It should be interesting to see what his look like. This is one of my two favorite pictures from the entire trip. The other is also of this same child in motion, but I'll save it for another day.

Next stop: The Liberty Bell. Photos not good enough to share.

On to Texas! There was swordfighting in the backyard. My husband finds the competition so easy that he's able to rest his head on his hand.

The fabulous Lala, our hostess, with her nephews, on the Fort Worth Zoo train (as opposed to the longer miniature train that is outside the zoo, which we rode later in the week). Note that two boys are wearing hand dyed shirts, the third having out grown his. They are easy to spot in a crowd.
Some people claim that their children torture them. Here is one of mine literally doing that to me, as he presses the button on a bed of nails at the Museum of Science and History!
More evidence that I was on this trip. Me checking out the action at an egg hunt at Shady Oaks Country Club on Saturday. There was lots to see, including the best balloon guy ever, as well as a petting zoo, face painting, and two Easter bunnies.
This was the second of two egg hunts that day, as the Easter Bunny cleverly came a day early since we were flying home on Easter. The Easter Bunny is really quite smart, as he always color codes the eggs by child, thus preventing squabbling over who finds the most eggs in the yard.

This week I'll try to get a little quilting done as I ease back into real life.


Deb R said...

Gorgeous photos! I've always wanted to see Longwood Gardens, but so far I haven't been to the right part of PA.

How did the bed of nails feel?

Allison said...

Makes me remember when my two boys were younger..they are 16 and 19 now...wonderful times, thanks for sharing!