Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thoughts on Dyeing

(Blogger is listing this as April 6, but it's really April 13.)

I'm in fabulous Fort Worth, Texas. Since my last post we've been to Longwood Gardens (in Pennsylvania), the Liberty Bell (Philadelphia) and various locales in Fort Worth (unfortunately including three doctors visits). I'd post some pictures of inspirational textures from the Fort Worth zoo, but the image editing capability on this computer is limited.

Instead, I'll leave you with two conversations relating to dyeing.

Conversation with a 6 year old while dyeing yarn with food dyes:
6 yr old: Can I help?
Me: Sure
6 yr old squirts dye on skein, points to unopened Koolaid packet, and says "Can I use that one?"
Me:No, I'm not ready for that color yet.
6 yr old: I mean to drink.

Husband comes home from work at 8:45 pm. He's been at work for 12+ hours, working on a very frustrating project. I show him the yarn I dyed.
Husband: So you used acid dyes on that. (Demonstrating that he's been paying attention lately.)
Me: Well, I used an acid process, but I don't have any real acid dyes.
Husband: (Silence)
Me: Yet.
Husband: I was going to say ...


mary m. said...

lol. Looking forward to pix!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Ain't dyeing wool FUN! I have some pix on my blog done with acid dyes - have a look and see what you think.