Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wild Horses ...

Literally couldn't drag me away from quilting today. My doctor's appointment was cancelled (the doctor was sick, ha!), but I already had a babysitter arranged for Dr. No (who until his last birthday was my main Yes Man). On the way back to our house, three large horses ran right in front of my car!

Our neighborhood has farms along one side of it. These horses live in a new, fancy schmanzy development that's being built on what used to be an old farm. The wind must have blown the gate open. Another man and I stopped to alert somebody. After I let the guy who seemed to be in charge know what was going on I assessed the situation. Very large horses. Large construction type guys. Rather smallish me. I decided to let them handle it from there, and came home to quilt.

I'm paper piecing. Here's some of my progress.

The circled areas denote where the pattern designer stupidly put split points. Oh wait ... that was me. Keeping the points pointy, even with lines to follow, is slowing things down. The arrow shows the intersection that appears to be sewn wrong, but trust me, in person it's plenty pointy.

Here's my tip for the day:

I've never been able to hold the new piece of fabric on top of the already pieced portion of the paper piecing, while turning the whole thing upside down and backwards to sew on the line. Pins wrinkle the fabric, so I use tape. I used to use clear tape, but it frays the edges of the fabric, so now I use blue masking tape to hold the new piece in place.

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Carol Dean Sharpe said...

Those designers will get you every time :D I love the masking tape idea. I've gone completely off the mark a few times because I unknowingly skewed my fabric in the turn over process. Good tip. Thanks.