Friday, January 13, 2006

Just A Note

Notecards. As a long time crafty person, I have way too many supplies for creating unique and interesting notecards. Yet somehow, whenever I need to send a note, I don't have any already made. I have two great printers, and have made notecards as gifts in the past. I printed on watercolor paper, cut out the images, maybe cut out a matlike background, didn't always have a suitable envelope ... you get the picture.

Last month I discovered that Avery now makes matte white notecards, and I love how prints come out on the matte paper.

So now I have these, ready to send out with scarves that are late gifts for that big holiday that passed about three weeks ago. You probably can't tell, but I added Swarovski crystals on the corners of the images.

Casting on (slowly):

I am making the Baby Bonnet from Joelle Hoverson's Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I say slowly casting on because they call for a cable cast on, and it seems a little awkward to me. Also, this Rowan Kid Classic seems to split a little.

We do not have sunlit pictures here at Chez PC today, because of "Extreme Fog".

If anybody reads this, I need some technical help. Yesterday I tried really hard to sub to Bloglines, with two different valid email addresses, to no avail. I was so busy trying to get it to work that I missed this fabulous sunset that Eilene saw somewhere near my neck of the woods. (Scroll to the bottom of her post.) Update 1/22/06: I emailed bloglines and they fixed the problem. Thanks everyone for your help!

Yesterday I was honored that Emily stopped by my little ole blog. If you haven't already, you should check hers out. I only met her once, very briefly, in person. Not only was she nice, but she is a quilting rock star, and produces a seemingly infinite number of lovely hand knits. I am convinced that she is either super human, or has Brownies living in her attic who finish her work for her at night.


Alan said...

darlin', if you were trying to track blogs, there's always

I just signed up, and it lets me know when there are updates in my fav blogs. Too cool.

Mrs. Mel said...

I also use Blogarithm and find they are very dependable.
I wanted to email you, but found no link to your email on your blog. If you would email me from my blog, then I would have yours.

Debra said...

I use BlogLines... I remember that it took a bit to get started, but let me know what specific problem you had...

Or.. let BlogLines know.. they answer every question I've asked quite quickly.

Emily said...

I'll send you some brownies! They do great work. :)