Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Two Pennies in My Coffee*

I hate to waste leftover dye. I had some from pre-Christmas, so I dyed a few scarves last night.

The pastel colors are the result of a combination of old dye, diluted dye, and not really paying too much attention to the batching temperature. That's OK, because I find it easier to screenprint over paler colors.

Here's a slightly more vibrant set.

The pink and green scarf was purely serendipitous. I put a scarf in the drip pan below a pink scarf and a green one, and expected, um, interestingly complex neutrals, but ended up with this instead. As always, click on the picture for a bigger version.

As the knit bloggers know, the Yarn Harlot has thrown down the gauntlet. I have been debating the pros and cons of competing for a medal since she first announced the project. It has caused me so much angst that I'll have to devote another entire post to that.

Things have been frenetic around here. I have been busy working on my not quite ready website, doing my best to learn HTML and CSS. Yesterday my husband came home early because of a power outage caused by high winds, so we ended up working on paperwork that really needed to get done. (Maryland's new state motto: The Extreme Weather State.)

*I was working so fast to try and accomplish the biweekly declutter around here, that I accidentally threw not one but two pennies into my coffee instead of into the clutter catcher next to it. My husband thought that would be a great title for a short story or a blog post.

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Mrs. Mel said...

I forgot to tell you how wonderful those cards you printed look. What printers are you using? I have an Epson and a new HP and am thinking about making notecards of my quilts. Woowoo!