Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I've had a really hard time lately staying focused on anything. Somehow, with two children I could start a quilt and stay the course. After the third, that just hasn't seemed possible. (He's great, it's something that's happened with me. Age?)

Friends from Fiberlectic, can you believe that I've made no progress on the quilt I was working on at our retreat last March?

Nearly four years ago I started a quilt using the above gradations. (Plus a few other fabrics that I can't put my hands on.) It's not an art quilt, but a quilt that I'd really like to finish and show. I'm hoping that by publicly making a commitment to at least finish the top that I'll make some progress.

My goal: Finish the top by the end of March. Wish me luck!


mary m. said...


I found it difficult to quilt with ONE child! Those fabrics are yummy...looking forward to seeing what you are working on...

Frieda said...

having three kids myself I can relate to your situation. I found that by claiming a space of my own, one of the bedrooms I was able to quilt at random. I convinced two of the kids to share a room, and they were happy with that, and then I set up all my stuff in the extra bedroom. That way you can walk in and out at will. It gets easier as they age. But don't be to hard on yourself.