Saturday, January 21, 2006

Pretty in Pink

I finished three Little Treasure Boxes.

The top view

They look different from every angle. Here is the leftmost one unfolded and pre-bedazzling. I screen printed the circle design over top of a digitally produced design. The center box is fabric I painted and screen printed, the right hand box is digitally produced fabric.

The arty diagonal view.

Why am I making these? Virginia Spiegel started it all with her American Cancer Society Fiberart For a Cause fundraiser last summer. She has joined forces with Little Treasure Box designer Carol Fletcher and Quilting Arts Magazine to start another ACS fundraiser. This one's called the Little Treasures Exchange Fundraiser. Basically you make two boxes, send them, along with a $5 check (written to the American Cancer Society) and return postage to Carol, and you get two back from some other creative person. They're easy and fun to make, so check out the (numerous) links in the last couple of sentences. They also make great little gifts or gift boxes.

I should note that I did not use 50 weight Pellon stabilizer, as the pattern suggest, but Pelmet Vilene that I had on hand. Sewing through the Vilene was a breeze - I liked it much more than Timtex. However, if memory serves, it is more expensive than the Pellon.

Next time: The Knitting Olympics!


Robin said...

these are just gorgeous! These are next on my list to tackle..(it's a real LONG list, though LOL)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Diane, these little treasures are WONDERFUL! Makes me want to run straight to my machine. ;) Thanks for telling me about the exchange!

:) Linda S

Anonymous said...

I love your little treasure boxes. I saw the pattern in Quilting Arts and thought they looked interesting. I like the idea of the exchange. You make me feel enthused to organise myself to have a go and making one - thanks.

Kat, NZ

mary m. said...


Your blog is fantastic, I just found it. I'm looking forward to your website. Your Bayou quilt is stunning! You are a fantastic machine quilter! AND a former ROCKET SCIENTIST!!! WOW!!

Deb R said...

Hi Diane,

Found your blog through Virginia's post on QA. Love your boxes and the scarves are lovely. That "lucky accident" pink and aqua-ish one is fabulous! It looks like sunrise.

Anonymous said...

Your work is incredible! Can you spare a moment and educate the beginners, such as myself, out here? I'm curious about the types of software you use to create your fabric (cotton? silk?) and what type of printer you use? Very inspiring- thanks for sharing your work.

Diane D. said...

Good golly! You guys sure are nice. I use Epson printers (a CX4600 and a 2200) and usually print on Southern Belle broadcloth soaked in Bubble Jet Set 2000. My next post will be knitting related, but several people have asked me about printing on fabric, so I will try to address that in more detail later this week. Thanks!

Elle said...

These are so cute and I couldn't help but notice their beautiful fabric!

Kristin La Flamme said...

These are the nicest little treasure boxes I've seen. I love that they are so net and tidy (much more so than the ones in QA) and your dotty screen print is to die for. Thanks for the lesson on Bubblejet printing too. I'll save that for future reference.

Miriam said...

these are amazing - i love them and that you photographed them on blue fabric...

Sheril Drummond said...

Dear Diane,
I just love your little treasure boxes. I had not read your blog before, but will visit often from now on.


Alison Fennell said...


These little boxes stopped me in my teacks. They catch my imagination totally. Well done on beautiful and joyous work!!
Kind regards
Alison Fennell