Thursday, October 13, 2011

Red Birds

I finished up the little quilt I showed last Friday, Red Birds. I made it as a donation to the fundraiser for the Texas Quilt Museum.

It's about 10"x10".

As usual, I quilted the dickens out of it.

Instead of a sleeve, I added tabs for hanging it. I fastened them down at the bottom, so they wouldn't poke up above the top edge when hanging.

There are still several chances to win a copy of my new DVD - you can head over to Vivika's now, or to Debra's tomorrow.


Loralei said...

What a beautiful quilt - I love the colours!!

Gerrie said...

It is beautiful.

Jamie Fingal said...

Your quilt is absolutely stunning. I am sure it will raise big money for the museum.

Elizabeth said...

I adore this piece!! the color the design - EVERYTHING!!! I have found you thru my good friend Judy, of Judy in the Dyes!! i am so glad that she has sent me over for a visit!!!