Monday, October 17, 2011

DVD Giveaway :Next Stop - Candy Glendening

As you enter the green room where Quilting Arts TV is filmed, you pass through a door that has the taping schedule on it.  In September I looked at the door and was disappointed to see that Candy Glendening had filmed the day before - darn it! I'd hoped to meet her. However, it turned out to be my lucky day. She returned to the studio to retrieve some things so I got to meet her after all.

If you look behind Candy, you can see the schedule on the door
Candy is a woman of many talents. She teaches biology at the university level, while also creating lots of colorful art including her yummy hand dyed fabrics - Candied Fabrics. She's been on QATV, been published a number of times, and has a DVD of her own being released at the same time as mine. I think her energy and cheerfulness are readily apparent in the picture above!

I'm delighted that Candy is our next stop on the blog hop, so head on over to her blog for another chance to win my DVD! Also, a big thank you to all of our blog hop hostesses and the many people who've left such wonderful comments - it is great to see your enthusiasm.

Here's the remainder of the schedule:

October 14 Debra Gabel  ( there's still time to enter at Debra's blog - see the 10/13 entry)
October 17 Candy Glendening 
October 19 Deborah Boschert  
October 21 Diane Doran

Good luck to everyone!

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Candied Fabrics said...

oh my Goodness, you are SO nice! I'm blushing!