Friday, October 14, 2011

Blog Hop - Day 3 of DVD Giveaway

Today my good friend Debra Gabel is giving away a copy of my new DVD on her blog.

Debra is many things - an amazing designer, an award winning art quilter, author of several books, an energetic teacher and lecturer, and the owner of a thriving pattern business, Zebra Patterns. She's very well known for her series of city and state "stamps". I'm sure that if you've seen her work you'll remember it!  Here's one of her art quilts "St. Francis of Assisi".
St. Francis of Assisi by Debra Gabel

Thank you, Debra, for being a part of the celebration!

Here's the remainder of the giveaway schedule:

October 14 Debra Gabel  
October 17 Candy Glendening 
October 19 Deborah Boschert  
October 21 Diane Doran
As a reminder, Vivika will be drawing a name on October 19, so you still have a chance to win there, too.

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