Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth!!

Alternate titles for this post could have been:

Outside My Comfort Zone!
Rabid Skunk Saturday!
One Sock, Two Sock, Pink Sock, Blue Sock

Summer marches on. I can't believe it's already the Fourth of July.

Saturday started off lazily, but I spent much of the afternoon on the lookout for a potentially rabid skunk.

Is there a rabid skunk under this deck?

My husband glimpsed what he thought was a skunk disappearing over the edge. Since daytime activity is a sign of rabies in skunks we were very concerned, but whatever it was has disappeared.

When the all clear was sounded I decided to sneak out to the tree fort and knit at 7:00PM.

7:02 PM Those are not my legs. I hadn't managed to sneak very well.

7:04 PM. Note the additional set of feet on the left.

7:05 PM. They all found me!

Even my Barbie Dream Date showed up. He did blow all the debris off the deck, so that was nice.

Eventually the kids got caught up in using the slide, so I had a little peaceful time. The pink sock on the chaise is now ready to be kitchenered. I have another sock (a blue one) that's ready for the toe decreases, as well as a striped grey one.

As far as being out of my comfort zone goes, it was on many levels. The air conditioner died on Sunday. It was fixed on Monday, just before the power went out for several hours. And I did this.
I didn't paint the lovely house on the upper right, I painted the less professional house on the bottom. It's supposed to be ours (though I didn't put any of the trees, as they would have obscured the house completely). My friend Chris had a great idea that I can't reveal because it's a surprise, but I will say that this is glaze painted on bisqueware, which I've (obviously) never done before. I'm going to try and keep myself from obsessively pursuing painting on pottery.

Last night I saw an amazing display of natural fireworks. There are several acres of trees behind our house, and they were filled with fireflies. It looked like Christmas lights twinkling on and off.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Independence Day!


Sandra said...

That progression of feet on the deck is very clever and funny.

Deb R said...

You have a tree fort?? I'm so envious that you have a tree fort. I'm not envious about the possibly rabid skunk though. :-)

Gerrie said...

I miss fireflies! I saw a raccoon across the street on the edge of the golf course during the day and it concerned me. We had a rabid raccoon at our NC house one summer. He was scary - acted like he was drunk~

Emily said...

The recounting of your family finding you is hilarious!