Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Finished Object

Ever have a project that nags at you? It keeps you from working on other stuff because you don't want to abandon it, and have another UFO/WIP or whatever you want to call it? Here's mine!
"Retro Bag". Made completely from fabrics on hand, primarily vintage ones discussed in this post. (I hand dyed the orange and red tidbits last summer.) Finished today. I made up the pattern as I went along.

Though not quite as flat as I wish they were, I like the prairie points, and I think the handles class it up a little.

In other news, yesterday we made our annual pilgrimage to Brookside Gardens for their Wings of Fancy exhibit. I've taken the boys every year for about 5? Maybe 6 years. Here's one of the butterflies, who was the best poser of the bunch.
Finally, here are some turtles we found sunning themselves over towards the Japanese style pavilion.
"Stay Cool!!"


Coleen said...

Love the bag! That fabric is very cool.

I love Brookside Gardens, I haven't been there in ages. Hmmm... May need to go soon!

Hope to see you Monday at Panera?

Carol Dean said...

Love the bag! Want the bag! :D You're pretty good at this stuff, you know ;)

Laura said...

Nice turtles! But then I do have a fondness for them.

I'm glad you came back to knit with us again. Hope to see you next time!

Lolly said...

I have wanted to go to the butterfly exhibit for so long, but always forget... thanks for the reminder! and I love the pic of the turtles!

So nice to meet you at the knit nite last night!