Friday, July 21, 2006

What's Up?

I can't say I've been doing very many quilting/knitting/crafting activities. I did make it to a fun Knit Night in Columbia on Monday. Laura and Lolly provided details (and photos!) on their blogs. It was great to get out of the house and commune with fellow fiber enthusiasts.

Last week I was surprised when 10 yards of 120" wide Tyvek showed up in my carport. It turns out that my husband and I are making a car cover for his new-to-him car! (And I didn't remember coming up with this project ...) Here's one of my sewing machines nearly buried in Tyvek during the process.
I tried to take a picture of myself beneath the tyvek, but I really need slightly longer arms for that.

Otherwise it's been lots of summer. Berry picking out back ...

A spider web in the fence

Nasturtiums from seed

Sunflowers near Poolesville, Maryland
I am dyeing some fabric as I write this, so there is hope for fiber related activities. Plus, next week two of the boys are in camp all week(!!), so I have some plans for some quilting then.

Thanks to everyone for their skunk suggestions. The skunks seem to be either keeping to themselves, or have moved on, so I got worked up for nothing.


Karoda said...

the spider web is very inspiring to a quilt design, doncha' think?

Gerrie said...

Are you going to take a heat gun and some paint to the car cover and turn it into an art quilt car cover? :)

Crafty Missus said...

great posts. just passing through on a little random artful quilters tour. enjoyed the read.