Friday, June 30, 2006

Still Here

I finished that bag last week just in time for a little jaunt to Fort Worth, Texas. As always, my sister-in-law had lots of big, fun plans for us.

A golf lesson for the menfolk, followed by swimming and a nighttime movie watched from the pool. (No pics of that, I was too busy lifeguarding.) This activity included all you can eat make your own sundaes!

A visit to the Cowgirl Museum, followed by the always appealing Museum of Science and History.

"Shopping" in the lowest level of the museum is a definite crowd pleaser.
We also saw a wonderful concert under the stars in the Botanic Gardens. The Fort Worth Symphony performed, and there was a laser light show and fireworks. Sadly, my camera battery needed recharging. The next day, lots more time in the pool.

A still life of a Mardi Gras mask and some ornaments/faux fruit. Found in my sister-in-law's living room.

Apparently it rained here in the Mid-Atlantic while we were gone. And it continued to do so after we got home. (Lucky for us we live high on a hill.)
We landed at Dulles (an hour and half late) and did not get home until 4 hours later. Normally this should have taken maybe an hour and 45 minutes. Luckily, I had some knitting on hand. I've been happily working on some socks using Sophie's Toes Sock Yarn when I catch a spare moment.
Sophie's Toes Sock Yarn in "Glade"

Other than that just keeping busy with boys, boys, boys.

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Emily said...

Hey! So nice to see that sock! Hope you are enjoying it.