Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lazy, Hazy Dayz of Summer

A finished object! I can hardly believe it myself. Here's a bag I made yesterday.

It's based on the tutorial here at tiny happy, but I had to make it more time consuming. (Interfacing, magnetic snaps, insert hard bottom type of stuff.) Here's the inside.

I put three pockets on one side, and may add another one (zippered) to the outside of the other side at a later date.

Always the optimist (snort!), I was sure that once school ended I'd have more time to, you know, do stuff. Fewer busses to meet and all that. Wrongo!

Anyway, we've been going to lots of parties, including a dinosaur pool party. What's that, you say?
It's where you completely fill a pool with inflatable dinosaurs and palm trees, immobilizing the children so that they can't go into the deep end. (Just kidding. This little swimmer insisted on gathering all the dinosaurs to him. Eventually we were able to share with others.) We also went to a rockin' 40th birthday celebration in the neighborhood. There was a live band, the weather was perfect, and I was just waiting for the cops to come and tell all us middle aged parents that we really needed to keep it down, next time no warning! And I went to a knitters' gathering and met some nice folks the other night.

Lilies are blooming everywhere. Here's one that sprouted a butterfly in my sister's garden:

And here are some of the wonderful yellow lilies that came with our house (I was really surprised the first time they showed up).

The retro bags were put on hold because I realized that as much as I love the fabrics, I never wear most of those colors, so the bag at the top of the post took precedence. Maybe next week (wink).


Coleen said...

That bag is great! I love the fabric - nice and summery.

Wendy said...

Good lookin' bag!

I love that lily & butterfly pic (I'd like to have some of those around here!)

Brenda said...

Diane - your butterfly photo is amazing!

Elle said...

A dinosaur pool party? TOO cute!

Sue Seibert said...

Wow, great photos. I love the butterfly with the lily!!