Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Looong Weekend

The weekend started out great. Saturday was lovely, sunny, cool. Had a wonderful time at a soccer game, got takeout Thai food, etc. Sunday I hoped we could maybe check out the dryer, which is running very hot, talk about the water softener we need to replace, finally plant those gladiolas. Maybe get started on those totes. NOT.

Sunday morning I awoke to a very sick child. After 3 hours of sickness (I'm using euphemisms here) my husband took him to the hospital. We thought he had a stomach virus and was getting dehydrated. About 45 minutes later my husband called and said that they thought the diagnosis was appendicitis. OK! So I farmed out the other kids, and headed to the hospital.

All's well that ends well. Our guy had to stay in the hospital overnight for observation, but they didn't end up doing surgery. The final diagnosis was gastroenteritis. The patient had recuperated enough last night that he was back to jumping on the sofa and fighting with his brothers with gusto. Whew! He was standing next to me just now, like a bright and shiney penny.

On the bright side, I did get some good sock knitting done while enjoying various Pokemon classics : "Pikachu Party" (not "Pikachu Pileup" as my 6 year old pointed out), "Wakeup Snorlax!" and "Jigglypuff Pop". Also the unforgettable "Power Rangers in Space". Our hospital obviously has an enviable collection of children's videos.

So today I'll try to get to the totes or bags or whatever.


Coleen said...

I'm so glad your son is ok. Appendicitis is no fun - I know from experience!

Deb R said...

I'm glad he's better and really glad he didn't need surgery! Scary!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Oh good news about your boy. It's awful when your kids get sick.