Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Here's Lookin' At Yah

Many thanks to Gabrielle for her reports from Paducah, and especially for putting up a picture of my quilt hanging at the show!

Fiber related activity has been occurring, but nothing photo worthy - three socks, one with heel turned, one with most of heel flap, and one waiting for a flap, and some paper piecing that's not ready to see the light of day. I haven't posted any nature photos for some time, so here we go.

Backlit Japanese Maple

Evidence that I haven't done much weeding

Toad found perched on the gate, 5 feet up! I didn't realize toads were such good climbers. He provided quite a bit of excitement for the trio of lively children who found him this morning.

My plans to waltz through Maryland Sheep & Wool this weekend at my leisure have been foiled. At this point I'll be lucky to make it there at all. At least I still have my wool dyeing class - next time I should have pictures of hand dyed fun!


Monica said...

I love the picture of that toad. I'm not a toad person, so I think it's the subtle black and white coloring on him. Very cool.

Gerrie said...

That back lit maple would make a gorgeous quilt!! And congrats on Paducah,

spaazlicious said...

Wow, neat pics. I love the toad--I've never seen such coloration, he looks like he's wearing snow camo (hmmm...does anyone know what project Steven Seagal might be working on, b//c of it's a sequel to his Alaska flick, there _is_ an uncanny resemblance.)

mary m. said...

Great pics, Diane!