Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Look At That Rock!!

If that didn't get my mother's attention, nothing will. (On long family vacations - car trips - that was her signature way of breaking up back seat arguments. Four children, several thousand miles of cross country driving - you do the math to figure out how many times she needed to say it.)

So here's the rock:

Besides planting annuals last week (in containers), I bought a bunch of perennials. Back in March I spent about 4 hours removing the honey suckle vines that were smothering the rock, and on Monday we spent several more hours weeding and planting. I guess I should have added arrows to indicate what's what, but at the bottom right there are day lilies, going up the side are some cone flowers and Russian sage. The cedar tree in the middle of the rock is, as a passing neighbor noted this weekend, "a wonder of nature!" . It wasn't very big when we moved in, but now it's splitting the rock big time. I took this picture so that in August I can see how much the perennials have grown - by then the cedar will no longer be here, as we really like this rock.

We also had some friends over on Saturday for fajitas and hot dogs, and went to a birthday party, so it was a fun and busy holiday weekend.

Fabric related alert! I did some screen printing yesterday.

The background fabric is an ancient monoprint. It was one of my first dye experiments, probably made in 1994.

Here are more of those circles I love, on a computer generated fabric.

And yesterday was a great mail day!!
This is "Spiral Dance 4" from the fabulous DebR. It's about 6"x8", and I love it. Thanks, Deb! I'm thinking of mounting it on plexiglass.

I need to finish a few projects this week, and then maybe I'll get to those postcards. It's *hot* here - I hope you all are staying cool!


Deb R said...

I love the fabric you made!!

Glad SD4 got there safely and that you like it. :-)

Gerrie said...

I'm lovin' the circles!

kathy said...

computer generated fabric that beautiful? How about a tutorial?

Diane D. said...

Kathy, I sort of wrote a tutorial for my February 12 entry. The best thing I can encourage you to do is to play with every filter in whatever program you're using. Also, scan things in to the computer that have interesting patterns. When you up the saturation you never know what might appear! I've scanned in all kinds of snippets of paintings and ended up with some pretty neat effects.