Thursday, May 25, 2006

Two More Pics

Thank you all for the nice remarks from the last post. It would have been even more fun if you all could have been there to enjoy the view with me!

I realized, after the fact, that some of you might be wondering where the pictures of the quilts from Sotterly were. Well, sad to say there are none. The quilts are exhibited in various buildings on the property. No photography is permitted in the manor house, so I wasn't able to photograph the quilts there.

As for the others, I had good intentions. However, this is at least the fourth time I've done a demo during the show, and it was the most foot traffic I've encountered. The other demonstrators, including the spinners and the amusing man using a drum carder to my right, were setting such a good example by not leaving their posts that I tried hard to stay put too. I got a very quick glance at the quilts in a couple of the buildings, but didn't have a chance to really get a good look at the bulk of the show myself. So no quilt pics - sorry.

Here are two other pictures I took on Sunday.
A mountain laurel in full bloom

A view of the dormers I've always enjoyed, taken from the circular drive

Incredibly, I haven't managed to finish any of those postcards yet. Yesterday I went to the nursery and bought tons of plants, and managed to get all the annuals in their pots or beds. This weekend the perennials will be put in. I'm a few weeks behind the curve, but I think they'll do just fine.

Maybe I'll sneak in a few minutes on the postcards before the boys walk through the door.


Coleen said...

Wish I could have seen those quilts! But that mountain laurel picture is gorgeous!

Gerrie said...

Oh, memories. I used to love to see the Mountain Laurel when we visited my grandmother in Pennsylvania. have a lovely holiday!