Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dyed in the Wool

Wednesday I took a wool dyeing class affiliated with the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. I met the delightful Coleen, and managed to hand paint 7 skeins of various types of yarns. Here's a picture of 5 of them.
The two skeins not shown are also purpley. I started swatching off them so didn't hang them up. (I'd planned to try to get more variety, but had to unexpectedly leave the class early.)

Louet Gems Topaz - super yummy worsted weight

Pony 2 ply - very fine weight fingering

Louet Gems Pearl - much like the famed Koigu. This skein is headed for my dye buddy from the Dye-o-rama swap.

Knitpicks dye your own, both above and below
Note the near felting of the purpley knitpicks. I did my best to treat the skeins gently, and the red one looks great. The purpley one required tons of washing out, and I eventually resteamed it. It's still usable, but more "hearty". I'll post more pictures once I've reskeined them. My favorites of the bunch are the Louet yarns - I got them from Lanas de Libelula. I still have some kona superwash fingering weight that I haven't dyed yet, from Catnip Yarns.

I'm so sorry to have missed out on the bloggers meetup at MD S&W, I've been looking forward to it for a long time. Maybe next year. I'm hoping to get over there for a short time late tomorrow.


Coleen said...

Your yarns look beautiful! I had felting issues with my knitpicks lace weight. Nothing too horrible, but noticible nonetheless.

I've been wondering what you thought of that class....

Shirley Goodwin said...

Ooooh, nice! I have recently handpainted some yarn, and set it in the microwave which seemed a lot easier than steaming. It came out great. Fun, isn't it?

Shirley in New Zealand