Sunday, February 12, 2006

Knitting Olympics Progress Report

The games have begun! I'm almost half way through the body section of Sitcom Chic (below where the sleeves are joined).

Friday afternoon, 2:18 PM
Ready to cast on

Just before I went to bed, 12:30 am Saturday

This morning, 9:33 am

I haven't made any progress yet today. I have been delayed by being just a little bit sick (but better than yesterday), and the excitement of SNOW.

During the opening ceremonies my pace really slacked off. I couldn't figure out why when the athletes were marching in to the Italian Olympics the music was American pop hits from the 70's and 80's. I confess that those songs have a special place in my heart, considering that they were all quite popular when I was a teenager and young adult. It just seemed like maybe they had a problem with the music, and they connected someone's ipod to the speaker system as a last minute fix. And that person is still trapped in the glory of their youth.

Mary and Deb, I'm not forgetting you. I'll make a separate post, and yesterday I didn't feel up to doing anything but lounging in a comfy chair (with the knitting).

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Rayna said...

Some excitement. We've got 15" and still coming down - aarrgggh.
Pretty, though. Your pictures could be my pictures. We're plowed in.