Friday, September 30, 2011

Surface Design Junkie

I *love* to experiment with surface design - dyeing, painting, monoprinting, gelatin printing, screen printing, and many variations thereof. I use lots of my hand dyed fabrics in my quilts, but most of the other prints are somewhat small and end up in other projects, with the exception of some of the screen prints.

This week I got the marbling bug - again. I think I first tried marbling way back in about 1993. Because I've tried so many techniques, I generally have supplies on hand to try out a technique that catches my eye, so I wasn't surprised to find alum and Methocel in my stash of supplies. How convenient!

Here are some of this week's prints hanging on a line to dry -

Love the colors!
 This pictured inspired me, so I decided to play around with it in Photoshop. I often take pictures of  surface design work I've done, and play around with them  in Photoshop - more bang for the effort!
 This is the photo above, with a more closeup photo of the center piece of fabric layered on it. Maybe it's the start of something? The transparency really appeals to me - what do you think?

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