Friday, September 09, 2011

Non Stop Action

Wow - so much going on! And I'm not just talking about earthquakes, hurricanes and flooding. (Luckily we've been spared the worst of it all, though I do miss the sun.)

Last week I had an excellent time in Cleveland with the fine folks from Quilting Arts. I taped two segments for Quilting Arts TV Series 900, then an instructional DVD! I did not take a great camera, because I had too much other stuff to carry, so all of these pics are from my phone camera. Eventually I'll have to get some better pictures from Helen (unfortunately I have none of me and Pokey on my phone).

In the green room with Candy Glendening of Candy had taped a DVD the day before, and she generously shared invaluable tips with me on how to make it through the taping!

During the DVD taping, Helen Gregory took pictures between chapters. Someone in the green room captured me on the monitor - I'm smirking at Helen in the studio.

Here is the lovely Helen. Helen has such a wonderful, calming, yet totally on top of things presence. She makes all things seem possible.

Missing from this picture is the delightful Jackie Marsal of (she was taking the picture). I'm not sure why Terry White ( & is hiding behind that frond, but if you ever get a chance to dine with her, do so! Jo Leichte of provided invaluable technical assistance on sewing machines all day. Margaret Applin ( arrived early to tape some segments the next day - I love her take on digital imagery. We had a very fun dinner at Bahama Breeze.
I'll have to take some pictures of the fabulous swag I received and post them later.

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