Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dinner at Eight Artists Exhibit 2014

I'm so excited! Yesterday the accepted artists were announced for this year's Dinner at Eight exhibit, and I'm in. Many thanks to Leslie Tucker Jenison and Jamie Fingal for all their work in creating and curating this exhibit. It looks like another great lineup of artists and I'm thrilled to be in their company.

The theme this year is reflections. I spent lots of time considering this, first thinking about literal interpretations as I have *many* photos of reflections in water and windows. Eventually, though, I felt better about doing something a little different. I wanted this quilt to reflect my techniques and styles, not be something in a totally new direction. Here is my piece, Intertwined.
Intertwined, ©2014 Diane Rusin Doran
Seahorses often have patterning (and sometimes coloring) that reflects the environment in which they live. By using transparency, I've made these seahorses do just that. Additionally, their appearance also reflects that of their kin.

Be sure to take a closer look at these detail shots. I threadpainted all of the green elements to add some depth and interest. Note to self: that amount of threadpainting takes way more time than you think it will.

If you've seen my Quilting Arts workshop on digital surface design you'll probably recognize how I created the digital collage. I started with a faux drip dyed background and worked forward from there. It was very fun to create.

I have another new piece of work to share very soon, so stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by!


Charlotte Scott said...

Beautiful! I love transparency and you are a master at it.

Diane Doran said...

Thank you so much Charlotte - I'm fascinated by it and really enjoy exploring it.

Linda Steele said...

Congratulations, I love your quilt. said...

The quilt is adorable! I like the sea themes. I don't like the sea horses much, but here they look up to the point and make the whole picture delicate and fairy like. Thanks.
Claire Tont

leang heng said...

Beautiful! I love transparency and you are a master at it


محمد صلاح said...
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