Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Let There Be Light

As you may know I quilt in a cave lair basement. My studio has wonderful overhead lighting, but my primary sewing machine is quite aged, and even before the bulb burned out the light was inadequate. Luckily, my friend Floris is looking out for me. Two times she's let me know about wonderful lighting that has really made my life easier. Here are three photos illustrating the difference that this lighting makes.

My trusty Bernina 1130. Note the shadow beneath the arm.
Here the machine is on, but the machine's light is not working. The Bendable Bright Light, however, is making a *huge* difference in visibility.
This photo shows both the Bendable Bright Light and the White LED strip light. The strip light helps to improve visibility and even out the light beneath the arm.
I've been using the Bendable Bright Light for several years, and wholeheartedly endorse it (with no affiliation whatsoever). The bendable aspect of it is particularly nice, as you can adjust where the light is as much as you want. I just got the White LED Strip Light a few months ago, but love it too (again, no affiliation). Neither light is cheap, but I absolutely prefer them to lights that sit on the table, or stand lights, both of which I've used in the past. They don't make me sweat, they're closer to the work, and they're bright! In my book, more light + better light = better quilting.

In other news, I'm so pleased that my good friend Debra Gabel kindly posted an interview of me on her blog today - check it out!

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