Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quilting Arts TV Series 800

The DVDs for Quilting Arts Series 800 are now available! I received my copy last week, and admit that I dropped everything and watched my three segments right away. I'm in episodes 805, 806, and 810.

My favorite segment (that I'm in) is the one on serendipitous screen printing, in episode 806. You can watch previews of the episodes here.  I really love being able to watch the episodes at my leisure, rather than waiting for PBS to air them. It's a great group of artists, and there's so much wonderful info in this series!

So much of what I'm working on lately is samples for various articles and projects, so I can't share photos that often, but here's a peek at my design wall and sewing table. (I've cropped out the ironing board and long table covered in batting, thread, fabric, old samples etc.so as not to scar you).
Do you think three sewing machines at once is enough?

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