Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Boyfriend*

When it's hot outside, my thoughts turn to just one thing - dyeing! Sun and heat make the dyes take very well, so I look forward to super crazy hot days.

OK, no pics yet of the fabric I have dyed this week (some still needs to be ironed), but I have been working on some samples for an article for Machine Quilting Unlimited (now available at Barnes & Noble - yeah!). I won't show the finished sample just yet - I'll save that for the article - but thought I'd show two "in progress" shots.

 Silk screened leaves and rubber band printed lines. (I wrapped the rubber bands around a wood block.)

 Purple aster like flowers screened on top.

I was inspired by the motifs on some vintage fabric that belonged to my aunt. Normally the mustardy color of the background is not one of my faves. However, something about this combo makes me very happy. I'm adding some applique and decorative stitching on top of this.

*In the surface design community, sometimes new fabric, with which one is infatuated, is referred to as a "new boyfriend".


Gerrie said...

I am loving those marks made by the rubber bands. I must try this. This does have a vintage feel - I love the color combo.

Diane Doran said...

Thanks, Gerrie! As I'm sure you noticed if you embiggened the pictures, the rubber band marks are not perfect by any means. But - that was exactly the look I was going for. The more paint you print with the rubber bands, the less crisp the print is because of the paint that builds up on the block. I'm definitely using this technique again.