Monday, October 23, 2006

Farm Fresh

Today was the big Pumpkin Patch Field Trip. We took a looong drive in the car (four minutes) to the farm.
(All these pictures are better if you click them to see the bigger version.)
We walked through a corn maze.

The pumpkin picking was a little slim, but just fine for the three year old crowd. The real draw was the animals, and the corn pit.

Our county fair has a corn pit, and I can barely get my children to leave it. The leaper in the picture above accumulated at least a half cup of dried corn in his clothing, which was distributed in his car seat, the dentist's office, and our kitchen.
The local leaves are peaking. I'm very envious of this maple down the street.

Birthday party #2 was, as one of my children would say, fun, fun, fun!!!!
I won't bore you with the details. I will say that if you make a good enough cake, the guest will bow in thanks. (Except your sister, who will laugh at you.)
OK, they're not really bowing in thanks. They're playing a game where you try to put the face on the jack-o-lantern by picking up the (paper) features with a straw.

After observing how a bunch of hay bales kept 20 children occupied for 45 minutes at a party on Saturday, and seeing the corn pit today, I have a new strategy for party #3. I think I'm just going to get some hay bales and make a corn pit, get cake and ice cream, and call it a day.


Gerrie said...

Those are beautiful pictures of the pumpkin patch trip. Did you see my blog where the roomm full of haelnuts was the favorite attraction? Who knew?

Mintyfresh said...

Seriously--beautiful photos. The one of the corn with the blue sky? Should be in a calendar or something! Looks like an excellent trip. A few years ago I dragged my boyfriend to a pumpkin patch that you rode a hayride to get from the parking lot to the pumpkins. It was excellent.

spaazlicious said...

When I was little my dad built me a fort/clubhouse from haybales--it didn't last more than a year or so, but was so cool.

Haybales & a cornpit sound like a winning combo.

Lolly said...

D, these pictures are stunning! I love the one with the corn and the sky!!