Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Boyfriends

I believe Jane Dunnewold coined that phrase for the newest fabric you've dyed/painted/stamped, and with which you're infatuated. My boyfriends are green and blue.

I'm pour dyeing pieces not quite 2 yards long, and getting a nice shibori effect at the folds (centers).

The dye that drips off the fabric is being used to produce mini runs of gradations.

I tried to do some arashi shibori the other day, but was under equipped (and failed miserably). I broke down and bought two 3ft long pieces of PVC yesterday. Now I just need Floris to do a mind meld with me so I can get it right, as hers is always beautiful.

No matter how many new boyfriends I get, I still always love the old ones the best. Here you can see that at least one of them has a tongue, and he's not afraid to use it!


Coleen said...

your fabric is beautiful! You've got mad dying skills!

I love the leg picture. Especially since it looks like two kids with way too many legs!

Jessica said...

do your boyfriends have brothers? i'm in the mood for some blue and green too. Your fabrics are beautiful, i especially like the last fabric pic with all the colors folded. thanks for the inspiration.

kathy said...

this is a great picture!