Thursday, January 02, 2014

More Fabric Designs & A Spoonflower Shop

I keep saying that digital fabric design is fun because for me it *really* is! I created a variety of fabric designs before filming my newest DVD, but since then I've created more just because I like doing it. (I think that's a good enough reason, don't you?) The designs are already in my Spoonflower design library, so I thought what the heck, maybe someone else might be interested in them. That said, I opened a Spoonflower shop today. Here's the link:

And here area some of the designs in the shop:

I'm having lots of fun with Spoonflower's Performance Knit fabric. I've made 3 shirts from it, and they have a lovely drape and wash very well. The Performance Knit also has exceptionally vibrant colors.


Jody said...

Diane - these are amazing! I love them! I have been wanting to try my hand at spoonflower fabrics. I'll probably stick to cotton though and use it for quilting. Thanks for the inspiration!

Diane Doran said...

Thanks Jody! I’ve also gotten some of their cottons, in particular the poplin. They look and feel great but I haven't gotten a chance to quilt with any of them yet.

Unknown said...

Hi Diane,
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