Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fabric Fun - Fun Fabric

My lifelong fascination (OK, maybe obsession) with fabric began when my mother taught me to sew as a child. Her talent and passion for sewing inspired me tremendously.

While focusing on creating digital compositions to use in quilts over the last 10 plus years,  I've "relaxed" by creating hundreds of yards of hand dyed fabric, as well as many smaller pieces that were screen printed, painted, or monoprinted. I've used these fabrics to create small projects (like some of those found on my tutorials link), borders and backings for quilts, and occasionally small quilts themselves. Once a fabric lover, always a fabric lover!

As I learned more about Photoshop Elements and some of its capabilities, I realized that a number of the surface design processes I was using could be digitally emulated, and that's what my new Quilting Arts Workshop is all about! Here are two designs that were created in just moments that have the look of hand dyed fabric.

Faux Drip Dyeing

This fabric has the look of low water immersion dyeing

And here are a few projects created with fabric made using the straight forward processes shown in the workshop:

My new favorite shirt!

Sound interesting? Then stay tuned for more fun fabrics over the next few weeks, and check out the preview for my newest Quilting Arts Workshop - Digital Surface Design: Simple Techniques for Hand-dyed Fabric Effect and More

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Lisa said...

Beautiful creations!