Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Skinny Strip Tips

Yesterday it rained all day. This blew my plans for lap swimming, but gave me the perfect excuse to stay inside and sew.
Lots and lots of skinny strips.

Here are some tips for sewing skinny strips:
- Starch the fabric - it really helps to keep the strips from growing.
- Extra fabric is your friend. Cut the pieces longer than you think you need, then trim them up after you piece them together.
- If the strips are made up of more than one piece of fabric, sew the strips in units, then sub cut them to avoid lots of short seams. Again, leave yourself a little extra width so that you don't end up short in the end.
- Don't iron the sewn strips, press them to keep them in shape.

What tips do you have for sewing skinny strips?


Linda said...

I love using even the skinniest strips of my scraps to make a new fabric. I use a muslin base to sew them to. This keeps them straight and allows me to use even off grain pieces. I do it a lot like my grandmother did crazy quilt patches, by sewing right sides together over the muslin (she used newspaper and it works just as well!) and flipping it over. Then adding the next strip, etc.
I love the colors you've put together on your sample.

Diane Doran said...

Thank you, Linda, great tip!