Monday, March 05, 2012

MQU News

I've been happily busy in the last few weeks. Last Monday I gave a lecture in Woodbridge, Virginia at the wonderful Cabin Branch Quilters guild. They are a very energetic and enthusiastic group! Many thanks for their warm welcome.

Arriving just in time for me to pass  out at the meeting were copies of the latest sample issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited. If MQU has a booth at a show, they have copies of the sample issue in their booth, so be sure to check it out. It has a variety of articles from previous issues to give you a taste of the magazine.

 Do you recognize the cover quilt ;).

Since then I've been finishing up my Filler Finesse article for the July issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited, and I'm just a wee bit too excited about a new ruler I recently found. After I try it out I'll report back.


Gerrie said...

Makes a great cover!! I have never seen this magazine - I need to pick one up and check it out. I am sure I would learn something.

Judy said...

Like Gerrie, I've not seen this magazine, but will look for it.


Judy Ferguson said...

Looks like an interesting magazine. I have not seen it before. Beautiful cover for it. Congratulations.

Diane Doran said...

Thanks, ladies! Machine Quilting Unlimited used to only be available by subscription, but now you can find it at JoAnn's, Barnes and Noble, and Hancock Fabrics.