Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quilting Arts TV Filming

Wow! I just got back from taping 3 segments for Quilting Arts TV Series 800. What a wonderful experience! I haven't unpacked yet, but wanted to quickly share a few photos. The first one is right before (and I mean mere moments before) taping for segment 2 began.

Pokey and me and lots of kaleidoscopes. I can't say enough good things about the fantastic Kaleidoscope Kreator software I used for this segment.

Each guest sets up a tray with everything needed for a segment. The tray is taken to the set, everything is arranged for the shoot, then it gets put back on the tray to be taken to the green room when the segment is complete. The photo below shows how a tray looks after a segment (on the left), and the right hand tray is before a segment. You can see some thermofax screens in the plastic bag to the right, and some paper towels, waiting to be put on a tray for the third segment.

After my segments were finished Lindsey Murray took a short video of Pokey interviewing me in the green room to put on the IQA facebook page.

I met several wonderful artists - Vivika Denegre, Judith Trager, Faith Cleary, and Carol Taylor - and of course the great Quilting Arts and KS Productions folks. I'll post some more photos later this week.


Sue Reno said...

This is wonderful, Diane, congratulations!!

Vivika said...

That was so fun! I can't wait to see the finished product on TV this summer... Great to meet you!

Diane D. said...

Thank you, Sue! Vivika, it was so wonderful to meet you. I'll send you some pictures today or tomorrow.

Judy Alexander said...

Looks like this was lots of fun. Congrats on your segments!