Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Eye of the Quilter

Once again the Houston International Quilt Festival folks came up with a great idea for a special exhibit - The Eye of the Quilter. Instead of quilts, it's photographs taken by quilters that they find inspirational.

While perusing thousands of photos on my computer in search of some entries, I realized that there are a number of things (besides my children) that I photograph over and over:
- I think I'm in contention for having taken the most macro photographs of flowers in the nation, if not the world
- reflections - in bodies of water, windows, and on cars
- water droplets and condensation on *anything*
- bare branches
- the Japanese maple in our yard in its autumn glory
- anything natural in our yard, whether flora or fauna - it's amazing to me the variety of things I've photographed on our property

I did enter three photos and have my fingers crossed, but instead of showing them I'll show several that were in contention that I didn't send. All of them can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Waterlilies at Brookside Gardens

The red maple mentioned above - this is part of the view outside my dining room window

A different view of the red maple

My youngest son's eyelashes a few years ago

I also noticed that sometimes weeks or months go by when I don't take very many photographs, but once I get on a roll watch out.

On another note, yesterday I got "the call" from the IQA that Last Dance won a cash award in the Houston show. That call really made my day!


norma said...

Beautiful pictures! Gotta love those eyelashes! Why is it that little boys always get those luscious lashes?

Diane D. said...

Thanks, Norma! I don't know why the boys always get those eyelashes, but they sure make me jealous ;).

Sue Andrus said...

I see why you have lots of photos of your yard.... The fall view with the maple is gorgeous! I tend to have lots of flower photos, too.

I scrolled down and saw that you have photos from Kenilworth Gardens... We went there, but it was too early for the Lotus flowers, and there had been a major rain storm the day before. We had to walk carefully around flooded walkways, but it was still beautiful. There were beautiful blooms in the display ponds behind the park office.

Big Congrats on your win with your quilt for Houston!!! That is a fantastic piece! Much deserved...

Judy Alexander said...

Beautiful photos. I love them all but your son's photo is so with warmth and love it may be my favorite. I am also a nut when it comes to taking pictures and would hate to know the actual number of how may I have.

Liz said...

Congratulations! I love that one of the maples out your window - just beautiful.

Javajem said...

Congrats on getting "the call"!! Exciting! I love your photos - especially the waterlillies - I just went on a photo- field trip to Longwood gardens in PA and they had the most amazing water lilly garden. Love them!

Your son has the most beautiful eyelashes!!