Friday, February 15, 2008

Hello World!

Well, a *very* big welcome to all of you stopping by due to the link on Thanks for checking out the tutorial! I hope you enjoy your visit. If you're also interested in quilts please be sure to check out my website, Also, many thanks to Mama-E (Erin) for providing the link to Craft! (You should definitely check out Mama-E's warehouse - she dyes very beautiful yarn and fiber.)

Minty has been over here lately, and she's always so nice about my nature photos, so I thought I'd post a few just for her. We had an ice storm this week, and I very briefly ran out and took a few photos before the rain washed all the ice away.

The ice was coating this bush.

To my amazement, this ice casting was formed.

I placed it on our broken sundial.

On another happy note, the lights in my work space are back on, so I can get back to organizing my own space - yeah!


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, some of your killer photos just for me! I love ice-encased things--one of my most favorite natural phenomenon--so you can't even know how perfect these photos are. That casing is so perfect!

That tutorial was excellent--you'll be getting hits from it for a long time yet, I'm sure!

Jody said...

Fantastic pictures!! I saw the ice coating every surface as I was leaving for work - I wish I had gone back in to get my camera!