Friday, November 30, 2007

Pink Cables

Last year I made several cabled hats as last minute Christmas gifts. My mother asked for one, and I finally made it this week.

It's made from Lamb's Pride Bulky, and is based on the pattern here. The mods include putting rib between the cables (in the pattern she knits only). I cabled every sixth row, and began decreases when crossing the fifth cable. It looks slightly pointy on this little noggin, but on my head it's nice and flat. I only decreased to 18 stitches (the pattern calls for 8 or 9) and that suited my head (and hopefully my mother's) better. Fast and fun!


Judy said...

Oh thank you for sharing that wonderful hat pattern! My son-in-law loves to wear those hats in the winter, so I'm going to try to tackle this pattern!

Gerrie said...

Love it. I am going to try this for myself. I need a colorful hat. All of mine are black or navy blue and I definitely need one here.

vanessa said...

wow, so glad you liked my pattern! your hat looks better than mine! i think i may have twisted up a cable or two.

happy knitting.