Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Well, I did finish my quilt in time for the deadline - just. It was an exhilarating, educational, and exhausting experience. Here are some detail pictures (all clickable for bigger versions).

And here is part of the back.

I began quilting it May 11, and finished June 12. While I was making the quilt I had so much to say, but no time to say it. After I finished it I couldn't remember anymore all the things I wanted to say.

My preschooler was finished with school for the year, so he was my constant companion while I made the quilt. He was such a little trooper, and spent hours drawing sea creatures, and eventually cutting them out. Here's one of his first attempts at drawing a squid. Don't be fooled by the shape of this creature's head and tentacles - you can tell it's a squid because it only has one eye (wink).

My husband went on numerous business trips this year up until about a week after the quilt was finished. He was gone enough that he started taking red eyes home just so he wouldn't miss another day of the week home. I attribute some of my burnout to that - it was getting harder to herd the children by myself to umpteen school/cub scout/sports activities. My belief in a higher power was once again validated one Sunday when I really needed to make progress on the quilt. My husband was out of town, it was raining all day, and low and behold there was a Pokemon marathon on TV - the only show that could keep all three boys occupied for any length of time. I did quite a bit of quilting that day.

OK, I could blab all day here, but basically I've been trying to get my house in better order and live in the moment for the last few weeks. Despite feeling some creative burnout I've worked a little bit on a few things in the last few weeks, so hopefully I'll post again soon and share them.

Stay cool!


Coleen said...

It is truly stunning! You are so talented and gifted.

Jody said...

Diane! You are such am amazing quilter! You definitely have inspired me to try quilting.

Your latest quilt is just amazing - it is truly a gem!

Anonymous said...

Diane, your quilting prowess continues to amaze me. Totally blown away!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Love the color combinations :)

Emily said...

That is some extraordinary quilting there, missy! Congrats on meeting the deadline!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! You made your goal and a beautiful work of art as well. Long live Pokemon!

Mary I.

Anonymous said...

I am sure it is gorgeous. You know, I lived your life once - small kids with a traveling husband. I was a weaver then. I think you have amazing energy and creativity - it is just hard to see your accomplishments through the maze of every day matters!