Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Optimism and Enthusiasm

Following the lead of my children, that's how I'm trying to approach things right now.

From my first grader's seed journal. Besides the illustration, I really like how he thinks his seed "will look amasing".

I'm quilting, quilting, quilting or pondering the quilting. But I'm not ready to show any in progress pictures.

I've been tagged with the 7 random things meme by both Coleen and Jody, so what the heck I'll play.

1. I've ridden on an elephant.

2. I was a rock and roll D.J. on WUMC. I think they selected me because when the program director asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I said "Pat Benatar". Bear in mind that the year was 1980.

3. My family had two Weimaraners. The second one was photographed by William Wegman and as a puppy appeared as one of the "mice" in Wegman's book Cinderella. Our puppy also appeared in a short film by Wegman that was shown on Sesame Street.

4. My original college major was Horticulture. I was going to save the world by becoming a plant geneticist and breeding more productive varieties of grain. I changed to Ag Engineering after two years, but eventually accidentally became an Aerospace Engineer.

5. I use my left foot on the sewing machine foot control, and I never wear shoes to sew. That makes me more "one" with the machine. Seriously, you should try it - it really helps me control the speed of the machine better.

6. I've been paid to sing at someone's wedding.

7. As a teenager I babysat my way to Paris. I went on a short term exchange program to France and earned about 80% of the cost of the trip by babysitting - lots and lots of babysitting. After the trip my French improved tremendously, and at times I've even dreamt in French.

I'm going to play by Deb R.'s tagging rules of engagement. If you haven't been tagged yet for this meme, and want to be, consider yourself tagged and let me know you're playing.

Here are two token pictures. The light was so beautiful in the front yard the other day.

Looking across the street at a black locust in full bloom

Our orange azalea


Javajem said...

Thanks for playing!!

I too sew without shoes and rode on an elephant!

Can't wait to see the quilt!

Mintyfresh said...

I always sew barefoot too--but then, I never wear shoes in the house anyway. I have, at times, had some kind of flip flop or slipper on and HAD to take it off or I couldn't control the machine! (My mom actually always drives barefoot, too--probably a similar thing.)

Yay for more awesome photos!

Deb R said...

Oh, you're right about the light in those photos. Those are fabulous!!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Great photos, Diane! And I wouldn't have guessed those things about you.

Felicia said...

I totally get that Pat Benatar answer! I've ridden on an elephant too, when I was a kid. I think it's pretty groovy about your famous puppy :)