Friday, September 15, 2006


First, thanks to everybody for all the nice comments on my last post. You guys are great!

I had a great time on Saturday at PNQE. The new exhibition space is quite spacious, and was very easy to get around in. I've seen some others post about the competition quilts, so first I'm going to post pictures from the special exhibit ARTQUILTSimages. (Click on any image for a larger view.)

I have a quilt traveling with the exhibit, so I was very interested to see what some of the other quilts were like. Many of the quilts were larger than I anticipated, and I thought the way that images were used in most of the quilts was both intriguing and innovative.

First off, our own Gerrie's quilt:

I was delighted to see this quilt in person - pictures don't do it justice. Well done, Gerrie!

This quilt is by Peggy Brown. The transparency was lovely.

This is Linda Colsh's work. Her use of repeating images that are similar, or perhaps the same photograph manipulated differently, was very effective.
I took some other pictures, but they didn't show the work to good advantage. Overall I thought it was a very well put together exhibit, and it showed that many artists are doing wonderful work using image transfer techniques.

The World Quilt &Textile quilts were also there, and many of them were stunning. I particularly enjoyed seeing Judy Coates Perez's award winning quilt There's a Place Called Mars.

OK, now for just two of the competition quilts that caught my eye. (There were others I really enjoyed, but I was kind of distracted - the first big show I've gone to in 4 years, so I wasn't very organized.)

Sue Reno's "Castor Bean" was one of the competition quilts, and I was struck by it's elegant simplicity.

This is Maxine Burkholder's Utah Textures #1. This quilt quite simply drew me in. Every time I passed by it I had to go closer and each time I discovered something new. The way she integrated the small landscapes with the free form piecing was exceptional.

I accosted several unsuspecting show goers and got them to take my picture by my quilt, but we'll just save those for my mother (vbg).

Whenever I've gone to a "big" show I've come home raring to get going on a quilt. This has once again proven true, and I've spent a little time in the past week working on a large quilt that's been in the works for several years. (Not photo worthy yet.)

It's a very busy time here at Chez Ooh!PC - we have four birthdays between today and November 7, and three of them require party planning and prep. Not to mention Halloween. I've gotta go, as there's no party today, but we do have some cupcakes to frost for the family celebration of the first birthday!


Gerrie said...

What a surprise - to look at your blog and see Mia, Milo and Maggie! I didn't know it was at that show; I just know it is traveling around.

Brenda said...

Thanks for sharing your photos from PNQE. Maxine's Utah quilt is wonderful. I will give this link to my students in my Making Waves workshop to show them some of the potential of freeform curved piecing.

Brenda said...
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Sue Reno said...

Thanks for noticing my Castor Bean. "Elegant simplicity" is just what I was aiming for. I find that it is often harder to leave things off than to add things on