Monday, March 20, 2017

BERNINA Ambassadors: Telling Our Stories

Hello there! I'm stopping by today as part of a BERNINA Ambassador blog tour. This week (March 20 - 24, 2017) seventeen of us are sharing our stories and experiences. Be sure to visit some of their wonderful blogs this week, links are at the bottom of this post.

Everyday Magic

When I think back over all the years I've been sewing, and then quilting, the word "magic" keeps popping into my head. That's how I think of sewing; as a form of everyday magic. 

I learned to sew from my mother. Her love of sewing was a wonderful example for both me and my sister. It seemed that Mama could make anything that she put her mind to. From the card table cover that looked like the Three Little Pigs' brick house, to Wizard of Oz dolls, to matching Christmas pajamas and Easter outfits (for myself, my two brothers, and my sister), Mama's ability to sew was a gift she gave to us over and over again. I still remember fondly the many garments she made me over the years.
My sister wearing perhaps my favorite dress of all time. After I grew out of it she loved it just as much as I did.
Better still, my mom taught me to sew and gave me the confidence to believe that I could also create anything that I envisioned. And if that isn't magic, I don't know what is! She encouraged me endlessly, and starting in about 6th grade I began sewing many of my own clothes. I can't say that everything I made was super stylish, and I did get made fun of now and again for some of my creations, but I loved being able to make things that were uniquely mine.

Through years of sewing my own garments, then discovering the *amazing* world of quilting, and eventually creating Halloween costumes and party decorations for my kids, the wonder of it is still there for me. And now, when I lecture at a guild, write an article, or teach any of a variety of techniques, part of the magic is the look of joy and accomplishment on a student's face when I've been able to help them gain confidence and skill as a quilter. Isn't it magical that using some fabric, needle, and thread, we can create things that are so beautiful and full of love?
Blossoming ©2016 Diane Rusin Doran
Finally, getting to spend time with others who are as passionate about sewing and quilting as I am is magical in and of itself. Attending quilt shows and visiting guilds is always a joyous occasion for me, and I know this holds true for all of the other BERNINA Ambassadors as well. 

Each Ambassador has their own story of why they love to create garments, or quilts, or anything else they might imagine. We all love sharing the joy of sewing through a variety of means, whether teaching, writing, or mentoring. That's what being a BERNINA Ambassador is most about to me, having more opportunities to share the things that I love about quilting and that fascinate me most.

A sample I made for a blog post on the WeAllSew blog about double needle quilting
Be sure to stop by the blogs of some of my fellow Ambassadors this week to learn more about each of them. They are a wonderfully talented group with loads of expertise to share! 

If you’re a shop, show coordinator, or guild program chair, please know that each one listed above is available to teach!

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