Monday, June 16, 2008

Deadlines & Commitments or Mayhem

Whew! As I came up to the wire on the IQA deadline I was more than a little busy with real life. "Highlights" of the past month or so include: having 28 trees cut down in the front yard (not to worry - there are still more than 70 there), an all day 5th grade field trip to Philly (quite nice), First Communion for son #2, a colonoscopy and endoscopy for son #2 (he's fine, thankfully), pre-school graduation, Mother's Day Tea, having wood floors refinished in the living room and dining room, the Science Fair with two projects from our guys, finally getting a new sofa!, a hit and run accident when we weren't even in the car (it was parked at the grocery store) and subsequent repairs, International Night, a wonderful Cub/Boy Scout Memorial Day flag placing ceremony at a local cemetery, dental work for various people, fifth grade "graduation" and several related parties, plus the obligatory husband traveling for work. There was more, much more, but I can't remember it all.

Nonetheless, I met the deadline by the skin of my teeth.

Next year, someone please remind me that May is a busy, busy month - no wonder the word "mayhem" begins with "may". Apparently I need to start quilting by the middle of March to meet a June deadline with ease.

I'd like to take a little better picture before showing the full quilt, and am not set up to do that right now, so here are a few detail shots and a view of my quilting area.

Doesn't that seem like it should be enough thread? There's even more you can't see on the left hand table, and yet sometimes it seemed that there just weren't enough colors. One thing that's clear is that I need to buy thread in neutral colors too, not just the "pretty" colors.

I hope all of you have also found some creative time for yourselves amidst the everyday details of life!